Where The Edge is - a fine debut

Where the Edge is by Grainne Murphy

The book, a debut novel, tells the story of a terrible accident in a rural village in Ireland, in which an early morning bus drops into a sinkhole. The main character, is Nina, a reporter, who is recovering from her own tragedy, the death of her little girl, Aisling, and its aftermath, including the breakup of her marriage to Tim, a firefighter.

The novel focuses

on key characters, who have been affected by the accident, including the driver, Richie and Alina, a Lebanese woman, who is suspected of being involved in an act of terrorism.

It is a compelling read, but takes its own time, as it slowly explores how we are all affected by trauma and loss and how we all have our sad stories.

Certainly, it is not an easy read, and ultimately there are not neat happy endings, but there is still a sense of hope, and the belief that we can survive terrible tragedies and loss.

Thank you to Netgalley for an advance review copy.

Where the Edge is is published on 20th September 2020

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