The Lying Room by Nicci French

This is the latest in the long line of psychological thrillers written by the husband and wife team Nicci Gerard and Sean French and looks set to be the latest best seller.

The authors really are the market leaders in the genre and rarely put a foot wrong, creating psychologically gripping page turners.This is no exception. Neve is a young,attractive wife and mother who engages in an affair with her boss. But on arrival at a secret assignation, she finds him dead, and runs away ( after meticulously cleaning the murder scene, as you do .) The novel details the torment and chaos that unravels from her deception, spreading out in waves that threaten to engulf her.

It is a brilliantly readable book.

But there are are some issues with the novel, not so much with the writing. Some of the characters ( alright most ) are deeply unlikable especially the appalling teenage daughter. Even Neve herself occasionally comes across as a smug middle class urbanite, implausibly living in a million pound house in Clapton, East London, on a part time salary with an unemployed husband. Nicci French is always very good at domestic detail but in The Lying Room it threatens at times to overwhelm . And there is no widespread CCTV in East London apparently.

Despite these moans I really did enjoy the book, racing through it like Neve on her bicycle. Of course, Neve would ride a bicycle.

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