Not the Deaths Imagined - Anne Pettigrew

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Not the Deaths Imagined is the gripping story of Dr Beth Semple, a Glasgow GP. It's based, not in the mean streets of the city, but rather in an affluent suburb. But into this world strolls a charming serial killer, a fellow GP whose charismatic veneer hides narcissistic psychopathy. This is the most terrifying of scenarios, the doctor who has exploited his position and his patients ' vulnerabilities, who has nothing for contempt for those for whom he is meant to care. Parallels with the infamous Harold Shipman are entirely intentional.

Beth is a hugely appealing character, and she finds herself in the role of detective as the story unfolds.

But her actions bring great risks, both to her career and reputation , and to her family.

The novel is gently humorous. I love Beth's observations on her patients, including the hypochondriacs and medical textbook wielding experts. But there is tension and fear too as the story hurtles towards its terrifying conclusion. Highly recommended, and thank you to the author for my advanced review copy.

The novel is due to be published on 1st August by Ringwood Publishers and as an ebook on Amazon Any author royalties from the sale of Not the Deaths Imagined are to benefit Plan International UK, a charity which works to advance children's rights and equality for girls all over the world.

Anne was formerly a GP in Greenock in the west of Scotland .

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