John Le Carre - An Angry Young Man

Agent Running in the Field

By John Le Carre

It is hard to believe that John Le Carre is 88 years old and still writes his novels in long hand on yellow paper. His vision of the world of today is very much that of an angry young man. This is a wonderful spy novel but it is set in the world of today (or rather last year). Brexit dominates the novel .Nat is the main protagonist, a middle manager in MI6, poised on the verge of retirement, but he is clever and thoughtful . He encounters a young man at his badminton club and their ongoing relationship forms the basis of the story , which for once in Le Carre’s world, has a happy ending of sorts. The novel throbs with Le Carre’s contempt for the key architects of Brexit, describing “a minority Tory cabinet of 10th-raters”, while our country’s Prime Minister is then merely “a pig ignorant foreign secretary .”

A wonderful novel

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