Fire and Fury - more Trump reading

Fire and The Fury Inside the Trump White House

Michael Wolff

Not particularly recent but timely all the same. Following on from Mary Trump’s revelations, this book shows the finished product of all of those years of negative family influences on an already flawed character. No one comes out of this well, least of all Trump and his bad angel Steve Bannon, a seedy and despicable character, unfortunately in possession of brains and skills in manipulation. But these two have to jostle for pole position with a range of others, who openly, and almost flamboyantly show themselves to be corrupt, heartless and downright nasty. Particular mention must go to Ivanka - the apple most definitely did not fall far from the tree in her case -and her vacuous husband, Together they go to make up the power couple known as Jarvanka .

As a read, this is compelling and explosive stuff, and energetically and stylishly written, but with the passage of time, even more depressing. At no point can I recall any of the lead characters showing concern or care for any of the people they are elected ( or not ) and paid to serve.

However, there is a wonderful description of how Trump achieves that hairstyle.

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