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The aim of the Bookcase Blog is is to give fellow writers and readers a forum to share - to share opinions, points of view, recommendations, and also to share work, whether fiction, poetry or any other form of creative writing in a positive and supportive environment.

As for me, my name is Sue Burnside, and I am a total novice to all this blogging malarkey ( as you can probably tell) .

A Londoner, I have relocated with my family to the west coast of Scotland, where I write fiction, poetry and memoir. I also am a keen singer/songwriter and guitarist. 


A Review Policy

I have to confess that I am an avid but often indiscriminate reader, and I have a fairly short attention span, which has got shorter as I have got older. So these days, if a novel or piece of writing hasn't gripped me fairly quickly, I will abandon it. The world is bursting with wonderful writing. So any review will be of writing that I have enjoyed, not always loved, but at least finished. So I will not be writing negative reviews and  I am too full of respect for writers to  be unkind.

Neither would I give stars or points out of ten, which seems a fairly meaningless process.

Also, I don't tend to lose my head in Waterstone's anymore and buy up armfuls of the most recent hardback releases. Finances preclude this but also experience has taught me not to believe the publishers' hype. And I don't mind being late to the party.

So my reviews will not necessarily focus on the most up to date books, but on writing that has caught my interest now.

I am not a huge fan of fantasy or science fiction , either, but there are lots of blogs that focus on those genres.



By Seamus Mulholland

About the poet

Seamus Mulholland is a Franciscan friar engaged in full time research on Franciscan philosophy and biblical literature on which he has written extensively. Aside from academia, he is also a poet and musician (of sorts), an award winning flower arranger and a life long practitioner of the martial arts. His hobbies include collecting Japanese pottery, model sailing ships, trains, and vintage vans, and floral art.


Autumn  Shadows

When autumn light has lengthens shadows,

And shrivelled leaves begin to fall

From once strong and lively branches,

Come to me,

And we shall sit and while away long hours

With talk of dreams and not as the world

Truly is in darkened days.

When iced crystal stars in cloudless skies

Are a strange stage backdrop to the earth,

Come to me,

And we shall gaze outwards

Towards the face of God

And own the true smallness of our greatness.

When the heart seems such a small space,

And being lonely is no longer being alone,

Come to me,

And let the din of shared silence

Tell the story of our history

In the textured thread of interweaving souls.


It's Behind Me

by John  Spence

John is a retired businessman who has always dabbled at writing but has taken it up seriously since retirement.  He has studied on three creative writing courses in the last three years, all linked to festivals - the Edinburgh Book Festival and Bloody Scotland.  He has had prize winning pieces in competitions run by the Scottish Association of Writers. Most recently, he  has had this play broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland. He has recently finished his first novel.

Listen here


" Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are."

Mason Cooley